1357bcchsuetWatching the birds at your bird feeder can be a wonderful way to bring life and color to the long winter in Interior Alaska! It is also a great way to learn what types of birds live around your home or school. It is important that if you choose to put up bird feeders that you take responsibility for providing a safe place for birds–this includes clean feeders that are safely out of reach of roaming cats and dogs, without the threat of windows that can cause collisions. Below you will find a number of resources to help you become a safe & successful bird feeder!

These resources were originally created by the Alaska Bird Observatory and we are happy to pass them along to you! Follow each link to download an information sheet.

Types of Feeders and Food Choices

Avoiding Window Collisions

Keeping your Feeders Clean 

Problems with Woodpeckers?

If you live in the Fairbanks area, please consider participating in FAIRBANKS FEEDER COUNT.

Count the birds at your feeder on one or all three of the count days (or within a week of the official date), and then turn in your data sheet. It’s FREE and helps us track changes in local bird populations. The 2017-18 dates are: November 12, December 10, and March 4. Follow the link above for more information and to download a data sheet.

You can also download a COMMON WINTER FEEDER BIRDS OF ALASKA POSTER  for help in identifying your new visitors!