Alaska Swallow Monitoring Network

Code of Conduct


The birds
It is important to remember that this project does disrupt and impact the birds we’re studying. Be as respectful and sensitive as possible. It important to put the safety of the birds first. Protocols are designed
with the intent of disturbing the birds as little as possible.


Moose and other Wildlife
Moose and other wildlife may commonly occur at our field sites. Always be aware of your surroundings and give them the right of way. Your safety comes first.


Students & Volunteers
The safety of students and volunteers participating in this project is your responsibility. Use the buddy system with youth. Be sure everyone understands the protocols, and make sure you discuss and understand everyone’s comfort level with various tasks.


More detailed information is in each protocol (i.e. when and how to check nest boxes and band birds, and when to avoid these things.) You can also follow this link to the NestWatch Code of Ethics from Bird Studies Canada