Help track bird populations in Fairbanks this winter

Please help the Alaska Songbird Institute and Arctic Audubon Society with the Fairbanks FeederCount. Just watch your bird feeder and record your sightings on 3 Saturdays throughout the winter (or within a week of the official count date). If you are unavailable for one or two dates, you can submit data for just the date(s) you are available. After March 3, turn in your data sheet to the Alaska Songbird Institute at the address below.

The 2017-18 count dates are:





DOWNLOAD A 2017-18 FULL COUNTER’S PACKET HERE. The packet includes a data sheet, instructions, and a reference card for identifying the most common birds to visit Fairbanks-area feeders. Please note that it prints on legal-sized paper (8.5″ x 14″).

You can also download a STANDARD VERSION that prints on 8.5″ x 11″ paper. It does not include the bird identification reference card.


At the end of the season, RETURN YOUR COMPLETED DATA SHEET TO:

Alaska Songbird Institute
P.O. Box 80235
Fairbanks, AK 99708


Need help with winter bird identification?

A quick reference sheet (as seen below) to help you ID the most common feeder visitors in the Fairbanks area is included in your Fairbanks FeederCount packet. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.

quick ID guide


We also recommend the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s online bird guide. ALL ABOUT BIRDS (Follow the link.) It is one of THE BEST online references for identification and natural history information available!

You can also download COMMON WINTER FEEDER BIRDS OF ALASKA, a helpful ID poster produced by the Alaska Bird Observatory with support from the Watchable Wildlife Conservation Trust & Alaska Feed Company. This poster contains images from winter birds found around the state.