Come be an apprentice at the Creamer’s Field Migration Station!

The Creamer’s Field Migration Station has a rich history of involving the local community in studying migrating songbirds. Since 1992 volunteers have been the heart of the station, happily giving thousands of hours every year to the conservation of boreal songbirds.  Now we have another way for you to become involved.  Have you ever wanted to learn to band birds but you already work or go to school and don’t have the time to spend 40 hours a week as an intern? Do you want to learn more than your current volunteer position allows you? As an apprentice you will learn how to open and close nets, extract birds, record data, and how to band the birds and take appropriate measurements, all on a flexible schedule that works best for you.  An average of two days a week for the duration of the season is all that is required. Generally we ask that you have volunteered at the station for at least one year and can independently check nets and extract birds safely on your own. More information about apprenticeship opportunities can be found below. Apprentices are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Contact April at if interested.

Apprenticeship Description