The Alaska Songbird Institute manages multiple long-term data sets. ASI upholds the idea that the best way to meet our mission is to disseminate these data to the public in an appropriate and timely manner, and we actively encourage data sharing and collaboration.

If you are interested in data use, please:

  1. Read through the following policy.
  2. Contact ASI Science Director April Harding Scurr to discuss your proposed use of the data and timeline. Email or call (907) 888-2121.
  3. Fill out and return the Alaska Songbird Institute DATA SHARING APPLICATION.


The Alaska Songbird Institute (ASI) maintains multiple data sets, including those previously managed by the Alaska Bird Observatory (1991-2012).  Most data sets contain several seasons of data and involve multiple investigators. The Alaska Songbird Institute recognizes that these data sets can be used for many purposes, either on their own or through combination with other data. The Alaska Songbird Institute will encourage and facilitate the ethical and courteous use of data within its archives.

Any researcher wanting to use a substantial part of any data set should communicate with the investigators who acquired the data, or those to whom responsibility for the data has been entrusted, prior to publication. The Alaska Songbird Institute supports the principle that publication of descriptive or interpretive results derived immediately and directly from the data is the privilege and responsibility of the investigators who collect the data or current managers of the data.  In most cases researchers requesting data should anticipate that the data collectors or current managers would be co-authors of published results.

The Alaska Songbird Institute requests that the appropriate Alaska Songbird Institute scientists and that Alaska Songbird Institute itself be acknowledged in any publication, report, presentation or the like using data that have been collected by Alaska Songbird Institute scientists. Additionally, the Alaska Songbird Institute requests that the Alaska Bird Observatory (prior organization that collected the data) be acknowledged in any publication, report, or presentation or the like, when using data prior to 2013.

The decision to approve a data request is discretionary and will be made by ASI’s Science Director with guidance from the ASI Board of Directors and appropriate staff, when applicable. Data request and use conditions may be waived by ASI’s Science Director in situations where the data will be used in presentations but not published.  If appropriate, the ASI Science Director may develop additional requirements to protect ASI’s interests and the interest of its collaborators.

Data collected on private lands or vessels may be subject to more extensive sharing restrictions, depending on agreements between the Alaska Songbird Institute and collaborators. Some contractual agreements may preclude sharing (or publicly posting on a web or FTP site) of some Alaska Songbird Institute data.

The Alaska Songbird Institute has no obligation to inform anyone who has received data from the organization of subsequent changes (such as corrections, additions, deletions) to those data.

Any costs that the Alaska Songbird Institute incurs in the process of providing or maintaining access to its datasets should be reimbursed. Costs include hourly wages for persons responsible for data maintenance and retrieval, as well as indirect costs for maintenance of computer equipment and backup systems.

If a request is approved, the data will be made available upon payment or reimbursement for time and materials to provide the data, whichever is larger.  This fee may be waived on a case-by-case basis based on co-authorship, contributions to the Alaska Songbird Institute, or other factor.    The requesting party(s) and Science Director or person authorized by the Science Director must sign a data sharing agreement, acknowledging that all involved agree to abide by its recommendations.

Please contact April Harding Scurr for more information,, (907) 888-2121.